Understanding the Fire Risk: Is Eyelash Glue Flammable?

Greetings, beauty enthusiasts. We’re delving into a topic today that concerns the safety of a product many of us use regularly: eyelash glue. Have you ever wondered if eyelash glue is flammable? Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, we’ll explore the intriguing world of eyelash adhesives, their composition, and whether they pose a fire risk. Let’s uncover the truth and ensure you have all the information you need to keep your beauty routine both glamorous and safe.

Is Eyelash Glue Flammable?

The short answer is yes, eyelash glue is indeed flammable. Most lash adhesives are crafted from an acrylate base, water, and black carbon. The acrylate base, a key ingredient, gives the glue its adhesive properties, allowing it to stick your false lashes securely.

However, this base is also what makes the glue flammable. When combined with water and black carbon, the adhesive becomes an effective bonding agent. But, the flammable nature of the acrylate base raises important safety considerations.

Understanding the Composition

  1. Acrylate Base: Acrylate compounds are derived from acrylic acid and are commonly used in eyelash adhesives due to their strong adhesive properties. While they ensure your falsies stay in place, they can ignite when exposed to an open flame or high heat.
  2. Water: Water is often added to eyelash glue to create a smooth consistency and aid in the application process. Although water itself is not flammable, it can act as a medium that helps the acrylate base spread easily, potentially increasing the fire risk.
  3. Black Carbon: Black carbon, or carbon black, is a fine powder used in cosmetics, including eyelash glue, to add color. While carbon black itself is not highly flammable, it can contribute to the overall flammability of the glue when combined with other components.

Is Eyelash Glue Flammable When Dry?

No, eyelash glue is not flammable once it has dried. The chemical composition of eyelash glue changes as it dries, making it non-flammable. However, it’s important to note that some glues might still be combustible, meaning they can catch fire under certain conditions. Always check the specific product label for safety information.

What Happens to Eyelash Glue in the Heat?

In warmer temperatures, the heat can affect the adhesive properties of eyelash glue. The warmer weather can cause the adhesive ingredients to become more fluid or sticky, making it harder to mix and apply evenly.

This can potentially affect the effectiveness of the glue in adhering fake eyelashes properly.

Are Fake Eyelashes Flammable?

Fake eyelashes are typically made from synthetic materials like plastic fibers, which are not easily flammable. However, they can melt or deform under high heat, so it’s essential to keep them away from direct flames or intense heat sources.

Safety Precautions

  1. Store Properly: To minimize the risk, store your eyelash glue in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  2. Avoid Open Flames: Exercise caution when applying eyelash glue, especially if you’re near an open flame or using heated tools. Make sure to apply your lashes in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Choose Reputable Brands: Opt for eyelash adhesives from reputable brands that adhere to safety standards and provide clear usage instructions.
  4. Read Labels: Always read the labels and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If a glue specifies that it is “flammable,” take extra precautions.


How Do You Prevent Eyelash Glue Fire?

To prevent eyelash glue fires, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Avoid exposing the glue or fake eyelashes to open flames, high heat, or any other potential ignition sources. Store the glue in a cool, dry place, and always perform a patch test before applying it to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions.

Does Eyelash Glue Burn Cotton?

Eyelash glue is not specifically designed to burn cotton. However, if it comes into contact with a flame, it can catch fire and burn various materials, including cotton. It’s essential to keep all materials away from open flames or heat sources when working with eyelash glue.

What Melts Eyelash Glue?

Eyelash glue can melt under high temperatures. Heat can cause the adhesive to break down, making it lose its bonding properties. Avoid exposing eyelash glue to heat sources to maintain its effectiveness.

What Temperature Does Lash Glue Not Work?

There isn’t a specific temperature at which all lash glues stop working, as different formulations have varying heat tolerances.

However, it’s generally recommended to store eyelash glue in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Extreme heat can cause the glue to become less effective or even degrade its adhesive properties.

Why Does Lash Glue Burn?

Lash glue can cause a burning sensation if it comes into contact with your skin or eyes, especially if you are allergic to its ingredients. It’s essential to perform a patch test before using any eyelash glue to check for adverse reactions.

Additionally, improper application or getting the glue into your eyes can cause discomfort and a burning sensation.

Is It Safe to Heat Eyelashes?

It’s generally not recommended to heat eyelashes intentionally. Heating fake eyelashes can deform or melt the synthetic materials, altering their shape and potentially making them unusable.

Always follow the instructions provided by the eyelash manufacturer and avoid exposing the lashes to heat sources.


While eyelash glue is an essential component of many beauty routines, it’s crucial to be aware of its flammable nature and take necessary precautions. By understanding the composition and following safety guidelines, you can enjoy your false lashes safely. Remember, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your beauty products. Stay beautiful, stay safe.

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